Iceland 4x4 Camper Rental is run and locally owned by Camping Iceland ltd.  a company which has established a strong and good reputation in the industry. Our mission is to provide the best 4x4 Camper solution available. We have the same team and fleet aIceland 4x4 Camper Rental, our speciality is 4x4 Campers and camping cars, and it´s for a reason that we do call ourselves "Best 4x4 camper van rental in Iceland". Below you can find our reviews from Camping Iceland.

Camping Iceland
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Romain Cardis reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
18 October 2018

We just gave the car (Jimny with rooftent) back after 10 days of road and camping in Iceland. The roof tent was very comfy but be prepared for the cold and humidity, this is not Spain! Their service was perfect and they even replaced our car instantly when we had a problem with our tent because of a storm. They were helpful for guiding us and gave good advices for our trip. I recommend their services, they are true professionals.


Christian Tylko reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
27 September 2018 

Just came back from a 14 day, 4,000 KM road trip through Iceland with the Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 camper and we are very happy to have rented from Camping Iceland. The vehicle was brand new and was loaded with options, onboard power outlets, heating, fridge and a very comfortable bed as well! Thanks to this camper we went deep into the highlands on F-roads, crossed rivers and probably saw twice as much of Iceland as do most other tourists. Special thank you to Runar and his staff for terrific, friendly and very helpful service. I highly recommend Camping Iceland and its great campers!


Jensen Starr reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
22 September 2018  

I was exceptionally pleased with my interactions with 4x4 campervans! There are so many options for a camper van in Iceland, and you see even more options as you are out on the road - We are so glad we used them and would highly recommend renting from them! They were very understanding with a personal situation that arose and they were really able to work with us. This is a great company! Thanks again 4x4!


Jen McCleary reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
21 September 2019   

We had a great 10-day trip around the ring road in the Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 camper! It was the perfect vehicle for the varying road and weather conditions in Iceland, and the camper was very comfortable and had everything we needed. We went with one of the newer trucks, which had lots of USB chargers and Bluetooth, which was nice. (I had brought a small power inverter with me in case we needed to charge phone/laptop/camera battery off the car plug but it wasn't even necessary at all!) The camper plugs into electricity at campsites and has lots of outlets. The heater in the camper worked great, which was appreciated on some of the colder nights! Camping Iceland provided responsive and helpful service from beginning to end. Definitely recommend!


Christoph Wesp reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
13 September 2019    

We were jsut on a 18 days trip with a Dodge Ram. Perfect service and a fantastic car. Did get another car to buy food until the car was ready. We also added some extras (camping kit, chairs, table) and it was worth it - good price and we did not have to bring it on our own. We will definitely book the car again, In addition it was a fantastic trip to the highlands and all the rest of the trip.


Ed Zambon reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
2 September 2019     

Brilliant company, so helpful! They made sure we had absolutely everything we needed before we set off then loaded us in to a fantastic Dacia duster. Thank you so much Camping Iceland!!


Hendrik Thörner reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
20 August 2018

We had a nice Dacia Duster with a matress in the back. Great choice for a trip around the island and in the highlands. Very good service and advice from the Camping Iceland team.


Alexandra Mandler reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
18 July 2018   

We were very surprised to get a brand new Dacia Duster, which turned out to be the perfect car for such a trip. We almost drove 3.000 kilometers and we enjoyed it to the fullest. When we picked up the car, we were told that we would not need the adapter to charge our phones - instead, they suggested us to take some sleeping bags. This was really helpful, as we did not have any idea about the Icelandic weather and climate conditions. We felt very safe to rent our car at Camping Iceland and would definitely recommend this company to everyone who is thinking of hitting the road in Iceland! We would give more than five stars if possible  Thumbs are all up!!


Estelle Bitki reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
17 July 201   

Great service and great camper !
We rented with two friends a Doge RAM for some days and we really enjoyed it. 
It is super cozy inside and we had enough space for 3 people.
The team is kind and helpful, I recommend it strongly 


Sofie Erhardt reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
15 July 2017   

We rented a brand new Subaru Forester with a matress in the back, so no tent was needed. This was an amazing choice! The sleeping and the driving experience was great, it was warm and cozy during the nights and fun driving trough the highlands. The service of camping iceland was amazingly efficient and Rúnar the owner was very friendly and obliging. We definitely would book with this car rental again and recommend it to any iceland traveler!


Audrey Zuschlag reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
11 July 2017   

Excellent experience from pre-booking thru drop off. Ásgeir was incredibly responsive to questions along the way. The camping kit was great, and we added the electric cooler and grill, too. The vehicle was great, no issues there either. Not a single complaint. Definitely recommend and would use again without hesitation.


Leandro Obrie reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
9 June 2019   

it was a pleasure to travel around with the Subaru Forester. What a great ride with a powerful 4x4. Drove offroad and made some food in the fresh air of Iceland with the camping kit included. Enough space in the back to sleep with 2 people. Overall, wonderful company!


Alexa Hoffman reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
29 May 2018   

Rented the Suzuki Jimny 4x4 with the roof tent for a roadtrip around the country in May. It was incredibly comfortable and made our entire trip the greatest experience. Camping Iceland gave us all the tools and information needed, and made the entire process so easy. Will definitely be recommending for friends traveling to Iceland.


Draz Grce reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
28 May 2019   

Rented a vehicle from this company and it was the smoothest transaction. Owner was extremely attentive, accommodating and hospitable. Best service I have experienced. Highly recommend.


Catherine Bennington reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
20 April 2019   

We rented the Suzuki Jimny 4x4 with the roof tent in April for a 10 day trip. Camping Iceland was incredibly informative and accommodating; they made the process of renting a vehicle an absolute breeze. The Jimny was extremely comfortable and easy to drive (even when going up against 30km/hr winds!). The 4WD was incredibly useful and it got us to every destination we wanted to reach. We will definitely be recommending Camping Iceland to any of our friends who will be traveling to Iceland in the future!


Michalina Okreglicka reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
16 March 2017   

Excellent service I would recommend this place to my friends


Jón Halldór Baldvinsson reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
16 March 2017   

Great service and really helpful on things to see and do for our vacation.


Lynette A. Whitfield reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
19 September 2019   

We rented the Dodge Ram with a TravelLite camper for 12 days in September and had an amazing experience. Our vehicle was not ready when we initially arrived so Asgeir gave us the keys to his truck so that we could go buy supplies at a local grocery store while we waited. The truck was incredibly comfortable to ride in, even on the very bumpy road to Selfoss, and was very easy to drive. This truck is 4WD which came in handy a couple times. The camper was very comfortable for 2 people. Asgeir gave us some good advice about the campgrounds in Iceland, and even answered our text messages at 9pm one night when we were having trouble with the lock on the camper. I would highly recommend camping Iceland, not only for the excellent truck and camper, but also for the customer service.


Mary Poppendieck reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
2 July 2019   

We rented a Dodge Ram truck with a Travellite camper in back for 9 days in June, 2016. We traveled with our son, his wife, and their two-year-old. Ásgeir at Camping Iceland made sure that we had an extra large truck with plenty of space in the back for two adults and a child car seat. He also provided a large Quechua XXL III 2 Second pop-up tent for our son and his family, since the camper is not big enough for five. This was an awesome set-up. Our son's family moved their suitcases into the large tent vestibule every time we camped, and they had plenty of room to sleep. The tent held up very well in rain and high wind.

The camper was also awesome - we had a refrigerator with a working freezer, a two burner gas stove, and a table that could fit four in bad weather - although all five of us in the camper was cramped (as expected). The combination worked very well, and the 4WD truck allowed us to explore the Westfjords, Kerlingarfjöll, and Landmannalaugar without limitations. We did find the truck camper to be a handful in high wind and a bit top-heavy on steep winding roads, but that did not prove to be a problem for us.

The experience with Camping Iceland could not have been better. We had a problem with the tent the first evening when we set it up, and they brought a replacement tent to our campground! We always got more than we expected in every encounter with this company, and it was clear their focus was on making sure we had a great trip.

I cannot recommend Camping Iceland highly enough. They really care about their customers.


Caro Evers reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
28 June 2018   

in love… with Iceland!!!! Just came back from a 10 day visit on Iceland and had the best time ever! We had THE perfect travel car- a mens dream- DODGE RAM- with a camper top. Just awesome! I loved the car so much (the sound when you start it) and had the best sleep in the camper top.
Iceland is perfect for a camping holiday- cause you can nearly camp everywhere you want. With the camper van we had the best travel buddie- comfy bed, kitchen, enough space and the perfect car and comfort. We travelled with my sister and had the best time.
We even went in the highland (so good!!! Also check out the natural hot pools) and it’s only possible with 4W drive- so we were pretty lucky. It was hard for us.. but the return was pretty easy- camping Iceland has a super nice team- I would book there anytime again.. hopefully soon!!!


Svenja Altan reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
26 June 2019   
cious solution for "glamping"! Not gonna lie...we girls liked the comfort  And the 4x4 comes in handy if the notorious Icelandic weather changes...nothing to be afraid of! You can do the highlands at any weather, anytime. No other camper could do that! So long story short: best service, best trip recommendations, BEST ride and simply such an amazing adventure! the pictures & memories will last for a lifetime...highly recommended!


Eyþór Ingi Eyþórsson reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
22 November 2019   

Decided to leave all my camping gear at home and go with Camping Iceland.
They set me up with everything I needed, and I also could fit my own luggage case without any problems in my car. Thank you Camping Iceland for making my trip unforgettable


James Farmer reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
28 September 2018   

I just came back from a seven-day driving/camping trip in Iceland. After spending hours upon hours deciding on which car rental place to use, I settled on Camping Iceland and couldn't have had a more positive experience. From the get go, Daniel promptly and patiently responded to all my questions and gave me advice.

Daniel picked us up from our hotel on time and took us back to their office where we did the paperwork and he showed us how to put up and take down the pop-up te...

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Pat McKeon reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
26 August 2018   

Awesome! Daniel and Camping Iceland are a great company that are both helpful, flexible and friendly. Perfect for first time campers or seasoned travellers.

Pat McKeon reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
26 August 2015

Awesome! Daniel and Camping Iceland are a great company that are both helpful, flexible and friendly. Perfect for first time campers or seasoned travellers.


Steven Greenberg reviewed Camping Iceland – 4 star
1 August 2018   

We camped our way around Iceland for 10 days with a Toyota Yaris and rooftop box of equipment from Camping Iceland in July 2015. Daniel was responsive and professional from my initial email inquiry six months prior to travel right up to our final billing. The equipment was complete and in good shape. The 4-person tent was especially roomy, easy to put up, and convenient.

If you want to see as much of Iceland as possible without an astronomical budget, camping is the way to go. With Camping Iceland, the logistics are simple – all you need to do is buy food. I highly recommend their service, and would definitely use them for a future trip


Ivano Cimaglia reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
25 September 2018   

Me and my fried had seven days trip in Iceland with a very well equipped Toyota Rav4 from Camping Iceland. The car was great and brought us everywhere, plenty of optional and very comfy; we were three but can easily house four people. This because of the rooftop box, stuffed with literally everything you need for camping and save room in the trunk! This is a great value and very smart solution as you don't need to bring all the equipment from home saving consistent amount of money for extra luggage, travel light and no need to buy that kind of items you probably use just one in your life.

This plus the Icelandic atmosphere gave us one of our best trip ever


Vegar Kruke reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
22 July 2019   

We had a great time on Iceland this summer with the Toyota Landcruiser from Camping Iceland. Great car, great camping gear and fantastic customer service! Brilliant solution for a great vacation in a beautiful country. If you don't need the size of the Landcruiser, go for the Rav4 - a 4WD in Iceland is necessary to visit some of the most beautiful locations


Jessica Mullery reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
2 July 2019   

We had a wonderful and stress-free experience with Camping Iceland. Excellent customer service and communication. Everything was just as described and the roofbox and car had everything we needed and more! It gave us the flexibility of traveling the country at our own pace, with the comfort of having everything we needed right with us. Can't wait for our next trip!


Welcome Matt reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
22 May 2019   

Extremely professional and easy to deal with, Camping Iceland provided us with the means to have a stress free and satisfying camping experience around Iceland. 
They provided us with everything you need, as well as extremely helpful and fast communication prior to our trip, answering any questions we had.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to camp around Iceland.

Thanks again!


Halldóra Anna Hagalín reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
11 May 2014   

Easy and very time saving 


Hidda Thorsteinsson reviewed Camping Iceland – 5 star
24 April 2014   

Friendly and great service!